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Dementia Track

MarsCon Dementia Track Artists 2011

So which comedy musicians are coming to perform at the MarsCon 2011 Dementia Track you ask? Well first of all, there’s MarsCon 2011’s Music Guest Of Honor, one of Dr. Demento’s most requested acts of the 2000’s, a founding member of the FuMP, and a colossal fan favorite at MarsCon, it’s the one and only ShoEboX, also known as, Worm Quartet! Also performing this year: making not only his first ever appearance at MarsCon, but his first ever appearance in the MidWest, it’s the animated animator himself, TVs Kyle! There’s a couple of acts getting their first main stage concerts this year. We have the world’s first and only hard rock filk cover band, Toyboat! And performing in their new rock band trio configuration, we have Soggy Potato Chips! Other returning favorites performing on the main stage include Possible Oscar, Steve Goodie, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Cirque du So What?, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Power Salad, the great Luke Ski, and more!


Those of you who are planning on attending MarsCon should follow the link and read the announcement to find out how you can help out the Fund Raiser by buying yourself a ticket to ride PARTY ROB’S PARTY BUS!!!

Track listing:

Once again, I have compiled just under 4 hours of excerpts from all of the live main stage concerts and the Dementia Fan Showcase from MarsCon 2010 which are available to purchase in both MP3 and 3-CD with MP3 formats. The Funds Raised will go towards covering the hotel room costs for the Dementia Track main stage concert performers this year, as well as to cover the fees & extra badges for our huge “Table 27″ merch table. This year’s collection includes music by Rob Balder, Worm Quartet, Schaffer The Darklord, The Nick Atoms, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Power Salad, Insane Ian, Steve Goodie, Carrie Dahlby, Throwing Toasters, Cirque du So What?, the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice, the Gothsicles, DJ Particle, Odd Austin, Dino-Mike, Chris Waffle, and more.

As always, for more info and updates, visit Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all at MarsCon 2011.

Luke Ski
MarsCon Dementia Track Chair

'toon by TV's Kyle
‘Toon drawn by Kyle Carrozza, used with permission.


MarsCon 2011
March 4-6, 2011
Crowne Plaza Minneapolis Int’l Airport Hotel & Suites
(formerly: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites)
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN

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