MarsCon 2011 Days of Magic!

Room Parties


Taylor, 2nd floor Re(a)d Mars Filk-sing
Re(a)d Mars will host open filking after 10:00 p.m. each evening. All are welcome to stop by and sing of strange planets and rockets in flight.
1212 Dragon’s Breath Smoking Lounge
So, need that break? Come join us for that much needed break or just to say, “Hi.”
Friday: Noon-2:00am
Saturday: 9:00am-2:00am
Sunday: 8:00am-4pm
1241 World Defense Force
WDF presents—An Evening of Dark Science
We have developed new scientific procedures to bring your universe to its knees, and we need volunteers like you to complete them! Would you like to know more???
Friday—8pm to 2am
Saturday—7pm to 2am
1301 Green Lantern Corp
Hosted by MN Superheroes United
Friday & Saturday, 10pm-1am
1306 Snarky’s Café & Volunteer Lounge
Join Snarky’s Café, and Lady Jan and her staff will keep the agents of hunger at bay. For a low price in addition to MarsCon registration fee, MarsCon attendees who volunteer 5+ hours and Dealers stuck at their posts may enjoy three meals a day from start of Con to the end. All food served in Snarky’s is purchased with money from Snarky’s Registrations – not Con Funds.
1307 Rue Morgue Massage
Rue Morgue Massage, the crew with the magic touch, returns to MarsCon and joins the ranks of the Hospitality Guild. See Reiki Master Joe and team for their famous back and full body massage. Or Drop into the Black Hole and vibrate your way through space and time. Escape may be impossible loosing track of time probable.
1308 Video Gaming
This room will be open to all who love video games! Available consoles are: Nintendo Wii, PS3, and X-Box 360. Various games avail such as: Mario Party, Guitar Hero (various titles), Street Fighter (various titles), Soul Calibur IV, Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3, Call of Duty (various titles), Halo (various titles), and more!
Friday, 5pm-1am
Saturday, 10am-1am
Sunday, 10am-5pm
1309 Cove of Justice
Party on Saturday night only
1313 TeslaCon
Steampunk theme for TeslaCon – Saturday night only
1314 Slytherin
1315 Minicon 46
Minicon—Not yet dead from the neck up
1318 Karaoke Joe’s Café
For 9 years now, Karaoke Joe’s Café has been known as the place where you can sing (and listen to) just about anything your heart desires, from Barry Manilow to Black Sabbath and from Rupert Holmes to “Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Karaoke Joe’s has a continually expanding catalog of roughly 7,000 songs! Come prepared to have a great time watching, or pluck up some courage and sing a song yourself! So stop by, pick a song and ROCK THE MIKE!
Here’s the schedule -
Friday Night 9pm-3am—Open Mike Karaoke
Saturday 1pm-5pm—Anime Music Videos
9pm-3am—Open Mike Karaoke
Sunday 11am–1pm Dementia Fan Showcase
1320, 1321,1323 Elysium Sanctum (Con Suite)
Same room, same space, so make a point to stop in. Snacks and drink will be there to be had by all. If you want to help, join the crew.
1324 Terry Pratchett’s Seamstresses’ Guild
1330 All Good Things
Hosted by Anime Twin Cities, Inc./Anime Detour
Friday & Saturday 6pm-2am
1332 Concierge Lounge Krushenko’s
Krushenko’s and its sometime partner, Krushenko’s Annex (Room 1331), are spaces that encourage conversation about science fiction and fantasy at SF conventions. Krushenko’s, named after a Manhattan bistro in Larry Niven’s novel Ringworld, started at the 1983 Minicon, and now also travels to CONvergence, Diversicon, and Arcana in the Twin Cities and WisCon in Madison. A regular feature of MarsCon since 1999, Krushenko’s (with help from the Annex) this year serves up panels and discussions about SF in literature and other media in the daytimes, and conversational SF-related parties in the evenings. “Krushenko’s is accustomed to serving alien guests!”

Tales of the Unanticipated Party
Come and make friends with the first 30 issues of this Twin Cities speculative fiction magazine-anthology, meet staff and contributors, and hear about our 25th anniversary issue, #31, due out later this year.
Friday, 8:30 pm

Bandana Square Cons Party
Hosted by three cons to be held at Best Western--Bandana Square, St Paul this year: Con-Sarnit, a Western convention, Saturday, June 4; Diversicon, a multicultural, multimedia speculative fiction convention, July 29-31, with Guest of Honor David G. Hartwell, Special Guests Lyda Morehouse and John Calvin Rezmerski, and Guest Scientist Joan Slonczewski; and Arcana, a convention of the dark fantastic, October 21-23, Guest TBA.
Saturday, 8:30 pm

A Party for Readers and Viewers
Sponsored by Second Foundation, a Twin Cities speculative fiction book-discussion group that has met regularly since 1983, whose members are also film buffs. Krushenko’s Annex: space for conversation and viewers' choice film viewing; Krushenko's Lounge (if available): space for conversation and gaming.
Sunday, 7:30 pm
1334 Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub
We believe that sci-fi cons are nothing without three crucial things—fun games, great music, and good beer—and we aim to provide you with all of them in abundance. Join us on Friday night after opening ceremonies for a casual evening of board and card games, fun conversation with cool geeks, and an open music circle. On Saturday night after the masquerade, we will host concerts by Beth Kinderman & The Player Characters, Toyboat, Feng Shui Ninjas, and Gifted Gear, with another music circle to follow. Bring your voice and/or your musical instruments to sing and play with us, share tales of gaming on our quote and story walls, or just stop by to sample our fresh-baked cookies and home-brewed beer on tap. Major Tom would want it this way.
1340 A.V. Club Room
We’ll be hosting our first MarsCon Midwest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Film Festival! See program schedule for the final movie list.
1341 Valleycon
Valleycon 37 celebration!
Friday & Saturday, 8pm-Midnight
1342 Cosmic Tulip Lounge
Tiny Tim, karaoke, pizza, and a bit of Mardi Gras magic thrown in for good measure.
Friday & Saturday, 10pm-1am
1343 Klingons
Hosted by the IKV RakeHell Klingons We’re going to be running Friday night from 9pm to 1am and Saturday from after the Masquerade until 2am.

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Some of the rooms in the parties area have connecting doors, so if you’d prefer two rooms which connect or a room which connects with another group’s party, just let us know.


MarsCon 2011
March 4-6, 2011
Crowne Plaza Minneapolis Int’l Airport Hotel & Suites
(formerly: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites)
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN

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