MarsCon 2011 Days of Magic!

Charity Auction

Thank you for the great nominations for designated charities. A live vote was held at our October planning meeting, and the results are in! MarsCon 2011 charity auction proceeds will be split evenly between the Gordy Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund which benefits aspiring science fiction authors and Kids Need to Read, founded by author PJ Haarsma and actor Nathan Fillion to improve literacy rates by providing new books to underfunded schools and libraries across the United States. We are also hosting a food drive for Twin Cities’ Second Harvest Heartland.

Please consider helping out in one or more of these ways:

If you are planning to host any charitable activities or events at MarsCon, we’ll be happy to include them in our program as well. You may contact us via snail mail or e-mail: info.

Thank you for your generosity!


MarsCon 2011
March 4-6, 2011
Crowne Plaza Minneapolis Int’l Airport Hotel & Suites
(formerly: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites)
3 Appletree Square
Bloomington, MN

If you’re looking for the Marscon in Williamsburg, VA click here.
Questions about MarsCon: info
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